TGF is widely recognized for its leading national and international restructuring practice. The TGF Restructuring Group applies its deep experience in restructuring to finding creative and business-oriented solutions that have led to strong, long-lasting relationships with its clients. TGF’s aggressive, responsive and effective approach to restructuring has ensured that its lawyers have been involved in virtually every major insolvency proceeding in Ontario over the last twenty years, covering every business sector.


Representative Mandates

JTI-Macdonald Corp.

TGF acts as counsel to the Applicant in its CCAA proceedings. JTIM’s CCAA proceedings are related to the CCAA filings of both Rothmans, Benso...

Western University: Characterization of unpaid tuition under the BIA

This case set a precedent in its findings that (i) unpaid tuition constituted a debt in the nature of a student loan under the Bankruptcy and Insol...


Nortel Networks UK Pension Claimants

Canadian Insolvency Counsel for the UK Pension Claimants, the largest single creditor in the worldwide Nortel Networks proceedings - $4 Billion.


United States Steel

Contentious three-way battle between US Steel, employee and pensioner union and the Province of Ontario.

Open Binder Boardroom Meeting

Hollinger: Hotly contested CCAA application resulting in a global settlement

The file involved a hotly contested CCAA application resulting in a global settlement amongst stakeholders followed by a creative harvesting of litigation assets by a litigation trustee all under and as part of a CCAA filing.


Fiber Optics Flextronics


An unusual case involving the Federal Government and a pending lawsuit in respect to the government's actions. 

Recent Developments