Gail Oxtoby

Senior Law Clerk


As a Senior Law Clerk in TGF’s Litigation Group, Gail uses her extensive experience to skillfully manage each client’s file with a combination of efficiency and meticulousness, providing invaluable support to the firm’s clients.

Gail’s primary focus is assisting lawyers in the conduct and resolution of matters both in and out of court. She is involved from preliminary due diligence investigations through to judgment and enforcement. Gail’s experience spans all levels of court in Ontario, tribunals and private arbitrations, and she has a deep knowledge of the Ontario Rules of Civil Procedure, and experience with the Alberta Rules of Court.

Gail also has expertise in eDiscovery, having served as the eDiscovery Co-ordinator at a large regional law firm before joining TGF. She leverages her ability to efficiently assess cases and develop effective file-specific plans for the processing and review of data. As case manager on TGF’s more complex mandates, she stewards the data collection, processing, training, review and production of large volumes of data, leveraging the industry’s best practices to support each project’s discovery and trial phases. Gail is eager to adapt new tools to make eDiscovery more efficient; in addition to regularly using the latest eDiscovery tools, she has experience with AI-powered document review.

Beyond her affinity for integrating new technology into TGF’s workflows, Gail uses her strong organizational and relationship-building skills to effectively manage files. She is an innovative problem solver who regularly seeks out new strategies to ensure files are well-managed while delivering the highest level of client service.

Professional Involvement