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August 12, 2019

Thornton Grout Finnigan LLP welcomes associate, Andrew Hanrahan

TGF is pleased to announce that Andrew Hanrahan has joined both the firm’s Commercial Litigation and Restructuring/Insolvency team.

Andrew Hanrahan is an associate whose skills perfectly encompass both of TGF’s practice areas: restructuring/insolvency and commercial litigation. With eight years of prior experience practising as a U.S. attorney with the New York office of an international law firm, Andrew’s work to date has focused on complex commercial litigation, including bankruptcy/insolvency litigation, securities class actions, internal investigations, and mergers and acquisitions litigation.

He brings this experience to TGF where he will continue to build and expand his practice, including on cross-border restructuring and litigation matters where TGF enjoys recognition as a leading firm in Canada.