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Representative Mandates

Represented General Motors Corporation in troubled supplier litigation to secure its automotive manufacturing supply chain

General Motors Corporation (“GM”) operates on a just-in-time manufacturing model requiring the continuous supply of parts for its automobile assembly plants. One of GM’s critical suppliers experienced financial difficulties and labour unrest.

The owner of the parts supplier closed the plant and, unknown to GM, removed GM’s toolings (the machines used to stamp the parts) and secreted them to locations across Ontario. This had the potential for catastrophic consequences for GM with the real risk that assembly plants would have to be shut down for lack of parts.

TGF moved aggressively to recover GM’s toolings so that automobile production would not be interrupted. Multiple emergency contested appearances were made in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice (“SCJ”) and TGF secured orders for the return of GM’s tooling. TGF was able to recover GM’s tooling on an expedited basis and avoided costly and disruptive assembly plant shut-downs.



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